5 Steps to a Great Sandwich

mikeKITCHENER, ON – April 22, 2014 – Breadbaron Sandwiches is the newest addition to the Kitchener Market, offering a rotating selection of goodies. Its chefs, Nick Hatten and Mike Lurz, apply their culinary training from the Stratford Chef School to designer sandwiches, soups and various other fare; the results are yummy indeed. If you’re looking for ham and Swiss on rye, you won’t find it here. What you will find is the “porksgiving” or “b.b.

Bill C-28 – Canada’s Anti-spam Law (PART 5) – Penalties

In case you care to brushoff the new Anti-spam Law, taking a look at the penalties involved might make you think otherwise. The CRTC is the main regulatory body that is in charge of enforcing this new law, the regulatory body that will be receiving complaints to act upon.  The CRTC also has been given numerous powers, including the ability to serve telecommunications providers for the preservation of data for their investigation.

All penalties are monetary as they are meant to enforce the new law, not to punish.

Become a Hunter to Discover the Many Opportunities Out There

When opportunity knocks open your door, if you don't answer the door, someone else will benefit from the opportuity you missed out on.

Opening our eyes to the possibilities out there is the first step to building our success.

Looking around, listensing and hearing what our connections are saying and knowing what they are doing offers us a chance to benefit in so many ways.

The Levers to Your Sales Growth Success

Dun & Bradstreet conducted a study that evaluated the factors that contribute to business success. They concluded the following:

- businesses with high sales tend to succeed

- businesses with low sales tend to fail

all else is commentary    

How to Make Your Card Work for Your Business

As a Small Business Owner (SBO) I rely on my card for business purchases and I’m sure I’m not alone. Personally I often have to make purchases for my business when I am waiting for my clients to pay me. This creates a short term cash flow challenge. Being able to use my card means my business runs smoothly and I am not stressed. When I make purchases online for my business I use my credit card and often I save money as typically many things purchased online are cheaper.

While We Weren't Looking

In the computer security industry, April meant just one thing: end-of-support for Windows XP. This was a major milestone as Microsoft’s operating system had been a mainstay of business computers for years, and was about to be retired.

Bill C-28 – Canada’s Anti-spam Law (PART 3) – Exemptions

So far in parts one and two of my series on Bill C-28, which becomes law on July 1st, 2014, I have discussed the new law as well as consent under the law. Now, I will be discussing the various exemptions under the upcoming new law. Just to refresh everyone, a commercial electronic message qualifies as one if its primary purpose encourages participation in a commercial activity. Although lengthy, here is a list of exemptions under the upcoming new law.

Out with the Old, In with the New!

It’s no surprise that stale marketing content and dated imagery on a company website can sometimes discourage clients to visit again. In some circumstances, this can even make your competitors look more desirable. Clearly, this is no good for business. So why do many of us work so hard to have a web presence when starting a business, but then tend to place it on the back burner of marketing priorities once it's been completed?