Mortgage Insurance Helps Safeguard Your Most Important Asset!

Mortgage insurance helps safeguard your most important asset

Canadians love being homeowners. Accord­ing to Statistics Canada, two-thirds of us own the places we live in, and we spend close to 30 per cent of the family budget on our mortgage or rent, and on home repairs.

But while home ownership is important to most Canadians, many don’t have a plan to keep their homes if the wage earners in their households become sick or die.

Do You Know your Home Office Insurance Needs?

Do You Know your Home Office Insurance Needs?

 Your business is just started so that you may not even have an office and are working from home. It’s just you and your computer in your den or you and your tools in your garage.

What happens if something goes wrong in your home work area? What if someone steals your tools or your computer gets trashed in a base­ment flood or a fire?

The Show Must go on

I am honored to know so many people who have turned their lives around and decided to become a small business owners. Getting to know the Small Business Communty Network (SBCN) Members inspires me to know I can do it, during those tough times when we struggle with so many challenges in our lives.

It's tough being a business owner, and often many of us have to take care of the majority of the work involved running our businesses.

Complacency is Stealing Your Success

I did it the hard way, before all the online resources offered out there, before online communities came to be fashonable, I did it the hard way.

No you don't have to applaud me but please think about how much easier it is today to do all the things I did, bit by bit, the really difficult and time consuming way.

What am I getting at? I have a list, see what you think:

What Are You Selling? My Response...

Recently, I was thinking about when I am doing strategic marketing, digital media, social media, webinars, cold calling, going to network meetings, calling existing clients, and other methods of engaging in conversation with the intent to "build a referral exchange relationship based on integrity, honesty, and old school handshake”, and something important occurred to me. I get asked - "what are you selling?" sometimes directly and most time indirectly. My response is always - nothing, I am looking to discuss and exchange ideas.

Know How to Use LinkedIn to Benefit You

If no one knows who you are how can they help you? If no one has a relationship with you how do they know who you are, what you do and what help you need? If no one knows who you are, do not have a relationship with you, how can they build the trust needed to help you, refer you, work with you? It may take time to build relationships based on trust and respect but it takes longer to find a position that suits you and someone who wants to hire you, if they don't know who you are. LinkedIn offers you an opportunity to connect to others, get to know them and the opportunities out there.

Should a Loss of Income Occur! Who will pay the Bills?

Small business owners and the self-employed are in

"double trouble"

should a disability occur!

Not only have they lost their personal income, but also their business expenses are not going to stop.

Business Overhead Expenses (BOE) is the solution! In addition, the premiums are a tax deduction for the business!!

Your Small Business Tour Guide: Strong Foundations

As promised here is the second blog post in my series, Your Small Business Tour Guide: Strong Foundations.


"Conducting a Business Name Search

Where to do a search for your business name and is there a cost involved:

For those of you living in Ontario, Canada this link will prove to be useful, it is the Business Development Centre, which is located in Toronto and you can find the phone number and address on the website.