Accounting Was Never my Best Friend

 I remember the early days of starting my first business and the one task I always wanted to forget about and hope it would go away was: accounting. I was hopeless. I had boxes of receipts and bits of paper, including paper bank statements, none of which made any sense when it came to tax time!

My IT Guy Acquires Virtual Planet Inc.

Second Acquisition for My IT Guy Increases Web and Email Hosting Capabilities

Press Release (July 30, 2014) KITCHENER, ON - My IT Guy Corp, a leading provider of IT support in Waterloo Region, announced today that it has acquired Virtual Planet Inc., a boutique web and email hosting provider based in Kitchener.

5 Tips to Achieve Email Marketing Excellence

Personalization Sees Payoffs in Marketing Emails

▶︎ 81% of survey respondents are more likely to make additional purchases because of targeted emails
▶︎ 82% would welcome more emails if they were targeted to their needs
▶︎ Nearly 70% would disclose personal facts if the emails they received were more relevant 

How to Cut Through the Card Clutter

Are you confused about which business card would work for you? I felt quite overwhelmed with all the different choices when I was trying to decide which card would work best for my small business.

I took charge of the situation by sifting through all the information I was receiving from different organizations. They were each advertising their card as the “best-choice” for me, but as I quickly came to realize, many were generic and only fit certain aspects of my business. I needed something that was a bit more tailored to my needs and worked for a variety of aspects.

To Evolve - Survive - Adapt - Change - Succeed

I only became a working mum after I moved to Canada to start a new life with my husband a four children. The decision had been made before we had our family that my husband would continue to work, he had a career I did not, and I would be a stay at home mum. We both agreed and were happy with this decision and being a stay at home mum is more than a full time job, it is 24/7. It is more common today for dads to chose to stay at home, but not so much when I had my children.

Relationship Building

LindaOJ here co-founder of the Small Business Community Network (SBCN). I realised the benefit of building relationships with people many years ago, before the onset of social media. As an unknown professional speaker building my business from scratch with no budget at all, and no credibility, I was determined to find a way to become known.

A Dream

This will be my first article posted on SBCN....I hope you enjoy reading it.  I will give you some back ground about me and how I came into a career in trucking.  In 1994 I found myself in an unfourtunate situaiton, it was my first year out of high school and working full time.....exciting right?  I soon found myself without a job and without direction.  Thankfully my Aunt who had a connection at Challenger Motor Freight was willing to hire me on a temporary basis to file and archive paperwork.  My job consisted of literllay standing in the back of a 48' trailer with a floor standing shop l

Four Innovative Canadian Small Businesses Selected to Compete for $100,000 Award From TELUS

Dave Ockwell-Jenner and myself were very excited to attend the event at TELUS House when TELUS and The Globe & Mail announced the finalists in the fourth annual installment of "The Challenge" - the contest that helps Canadian Small Business owners overcome their greatest challenge with a $100,000 award from TELUS.

How to Win the B2B Price War

In this world of high speed communication and 140 character limits, we seem to have become infatuated with short forms and acronyms.  It isn't too hard to draw the comparison between our communications today and the game of horseshoes. In other words, we use vocabulary with less precision than a given word actually conveys, but that's okay because getting close seems to be good enough.

LinkedIn - Yes or No?