Online Privacy & Security Made Simple

I do my best to make my life as simple as possible, and where business is concerned, the simpler the better. Do you ever feel the so called experts do their best to make everything seem so complicated that we fear even contemplating trying something for ourselves.

Online privacy and security are the most talked about topics in business today, and everyone is pointing the finger saying it was someone else's fault. Sadly placing blame on someone else won't fix the challenge, so why not take control and be aware of how you can help yourself?

Here's Something That You Should Do at Home!!

Say what?

I have just finished the accreditation process for Navigational Conversations from Leadscape Learning.  This is a workshop that introduces strategic coaching skills for leaders who want to take a coach-approach when working with others.

Not surprisingly, listening is the key element of the Navigational Conversations program.  For a long time, I've felt that listening is the one skill that most of us should improve.

The Importance of a Handshake

I had no idea that a handshake could be so important! That is until I interviewed one of the SBCN Members, Martin Buckland for the SBCN Small Biz Podcast. Martin has a very interesting profile, and here is a tidbit to tempt you to find out more about Martin: "My past includes a distinguished Law Enforcement career, specifically with the renowned London Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard as a Detective specializing in Anti-Terrorism retiring in 1991.

Social Summit: The Word of Mouth

The Waterloo Region Small Business Centre has partnered with Mad Hatter Technology to host a very cool event this fall. Social Summit: The Word of Mouth event is happening on Friday, September 26th at the Tannery Event Centre. This event will feature insightful stories, strategies, trend predictions and perspectives from some of our community’s most influential social media leaders.

The DSGN Network Partners with KOI Music Festival

KOI Music FestivalWe are excited to announce a brand new partnership between dsgn network and the KOI Music Festival for 2014. The dsgn network, in association with RDC Networks and Cisco, will be

A Mentor

   My last blog I mentioned how an opportunity was presented to me at a difficult time, and this opportunity lead me to where I am today.  That was just the beginning of a long line of opportunities and mentors that I never discounted no matter how small or big.  I have been lucky to have many people in my career that have pushed me to do better, look twice and even turn my head the other way.  When I take a mental snap shot of the pinnacle moments in my career there are a few mentors that stand out. 

Accounting Was Never my Best Friend

 I remember the early days of starting my first business and the one task I always wanted to forget about and hope it would go away was: accounting. I was hopeless. I had boxes of receipts and bits of paper, including paper bank statements, none of which made any sense when it came to tax time!

My IT Guy Acquires Virtual Planet Inc.

Second Acquisition for My IT Guy Increases Web and Email Hosting Capabilities

Press Release (July 30, 2014) KITCHENER, ON - My IT Guy Corp, a leading provider of IT support in Waterloo Region, announced today that it has acquired Virtual Planet Inc., a boutique web and email hosting provider based in Kitchener.

5 Tips to Achieve Email Marketing Excellence

Personalization Sees Payoffs in Marketing Emails

▶︎ 81% of survey respondents are more likely to make additional purchases because of targeted emails
▶︎ 82% would welcome more emails if they were targeted to their needs
▶︎ Nearly 70% would disclose personal facts if the emails they received were more relevant 

How to Cut Through the Card Clutter

Are you confused about which business card would work for you? I felt quite overwhelmed with all the different choices when I was trying to decide which card would work best for my small business.

I took charge of the situation by sifting through all the information I was receiving from different organizations. They were each advertising their card as the “best-choice” for me, but as I quickly came to realize, many were generic and only fit certain aspects of my business. I needed something that was a bit more tailored to my needs and worked for a variety of aspects.