Content is King so Where is Your Content?

I can't stress enough how importnt it is with all the online resoures out there today, to share your content in order to attract more attention to you and your business and encourage more clients to find out more about you.

Small business in a global market

Manufacturing as we once knew it in our region has almost disappeared as companies go global to source factories in developing countries to work with or purchase in an attempt to lower manufacturing costs. Larger manufacturers have survived because they went overseas and either purchased companies or worked out deals. This is easy to do being a large manufacturer with the cash flow available to go and do their due diligence.

Grow Your Business, Show-Off Your Business

Building a successful business is simple, here are a few ideas that can catapult you into the limelight, which in turn will mean more customers, which equals more revenue:

Commercial Food Waste and the Environment

Commercial food establishments today are doing a good job of diverting their waste to private firms who compost or dry the waste into usable product's. Food waste in our landfills while rotting creates methane gas which is thought to be 70% more potent by volume than carbon dioxide.  Landfills are the largest human made source of methane and food scraps are huge makers of it. In fact 1 ton of food scraps that finds its way into the landfill create 5-6 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Too Much Work & Feel Overwhelmed?

I am very old fashioned in the way I work, I believe in actually "doing" the hard work and not just complaining about it. Sounds harsh, well if the truth hurts maybe close those tender ears.

Believe me I am busy, very busy, and I do have a personal life to take care of, I volunteer for various organizations and I like to curl up and catch up with Coronation Street on the TV. I do take time for "me" without feeling guilty.

Check Out The New Samsung GALAXY S5 Active™ Smartphone

Not everyone needs a smartphone, yes that really is true. But, for those of us who do need and want a smartphone explore all the options before you jump in, ask questions, check out what your business connections think of their smartphones. If you do a bit of extra research upfront you will be happy when you make your final choice.

Vancouver Island Salt Co. wins $100,000 award from TELUS

I love sharing success stories and today I want to share the awesome news that TELUS and the Globe and Mail today announced the winner of the fourth annual installment of The Challenge!

The Challenge contest helps a Canadian small business overcome its greatest challenge with a $100,000 award from TELUS. After reviewing more than 1,000 entries and watching passionate pitches from the four finalists, the judges have selected Vancouver Island Salt Co. as this year’s winner.

Why do Customers Buy From You?

Why do your customers buy from you? Would you believe it's because they like, trust and respect you?

Below is a short list of some simple things you can do to ensure customers buy from you.

Workplace Health: Traditional or Alternative Medicine?

With the world leaning towards alternative and complementary medicine, growing tired of the ongoing prescription of drugs with more and more side effects, it's critical that we look at alternative ways of staying healthy. There is absolutely a place for traditional medicine - this is not my argument.  I believe medicine saves lives every day with doctors and surgeons laboring hard at ensuring the optimal choice of treatment (s) is explained and provided to us. This is the tried and tested and we can't live without it. No debate here.