Do You Have a Brand?

Do you have a brand?

Simple question, you would think,  or is it?

Whether I am standing at the podium at a conference, or sitting in front of you as a business consultant, or mentor, I will ask you this one question:

  • Do you have a brand?

My next question is:

  • What do you perceive your brand to be, what does it convey to others?


In the heart of Downtown Kitchener you can find a museum that fuels creative thinking and innovation. This museum, simply called THEMUSEUM – one word, uppercase – has proven its ability to showcase global content that awes, inspires and enlightens visitors of all ages.

Respecting the Process

"Telling people how to be creative is easy - it's only being it that's difficult." -John Cleese

My business card says that I am a "Creative Consultant." I liked the way it looked and enjoyed how it sounded. It seemed more capable and ambitious than "Videographer." Felt more intriguing than "Director." And more importantly inspires people to ask, "What does this mean?"

Will you sell your business?

10 key decisions for business owners

Key decision 8 - Will you sell your business?

Many business owners in Canada will exit their business by selling to a non-family member. However, only a small percentage of owners planning to transfer their business in the near future have a succession plan.

See Who Your Customer is with Wifi Analytics

One thing that drives many business owners insane with marketing is it often feels like you’re throwing darts at a dartboard – Blindfolded. You try a myriad of tactics, but in reality, you’re just aiming to have something come close to the bullseye while the rest of the efforts swing wildly all over.

The Data is in the Detail

We’ve all heard the expression before: “The Devil is in the detail”. This refers to the hidden elements in something. We think that this is how many businesses feel about marketing. You know that there’s good stuff in there… somewhere… but how and what do you need to get out of it all?

Is Your Elevator Speech Scaring People Away



Be honest, please, be totally honest. When you offer your elevator pitch at a networking event do you ever look around and see who is taking notice? Can you see the people who are looking bored, or even scared because you are trying to sell to them in 30 seconds?

DIY or Outsource: How should I handle my payroll?

Running a growing business is a constant juggling act. Payroll is one of those tasks that you can’t neglect or ignore, not once you have staff.

Staff need to be paid on time and so does the government. Paying your team and the government on schedule is one of those recurring deadlines you can’t miss. Meeting payroll can be stressful, at least until cash flow is strong and steady. As well as physically having the cash to pay everyone, there’s a lot of paperwork which comes with the task of managing your own company's payroll.

Top Ten Efforts for Measurable Marketing

Everyone wants to get more out of their marketing efforts, and rightly so, with so many options and avenues to pursue in these days, it’s hard to clear yourself through the noise and chaos of today’s advertising landscape. Here are ten top tips for helping make your business more successful in sales and marketing:

Do you intend to retire from your business?

10 key decisions for business owners

Key decision 7 - Do you intend to retire from your business?

Whether you intend to sell the business to a third party, transfer it to family members, structure a management buy-out or wind it up, advance planning can help you make better long-term decisions.

Will your business provide enough to fund your retirement?