Mobile Websites

Mobile WebsitesAre Mobile Websites Important?

Oh yes, mobile websites are extremely important! We all know that technology advances at a very quick pace. Things change so fast, it's often hard to keep up. By now, most of us have a smart phone with a data plan. That allows us to browse the web, write email and do all kinds of things that weren't possible just a few years ago.

Why you should update your LinkedIn Profile!

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LinkedIn has become an essential branding tool over the last 10 years. It is more important than ever to have an awesome LinkedIn profile. It began as an Internet resume and networking site and is now a comprehensive personal branding resource.

Your Small Business Tour Guide

I am guessing that if you are thinking of starting a small business in the near future you may have  encountered some challenges finding resources that can help you save time and money?

Making Social Media Work for Your Business

I don't have to tell you how Social Media is taking over as a means for our customers to communicate with each other.                                                                     Many major companies are using social media channels very effectively to promote their brand.                                                                                                   When you decide to start using this method of brand awareness, there are 5-essential steps you should follow:

1) Start with a plan

2) Establish your company persona

3) Plan a comment strategy

Why Outsource Your Marketing

When it comes to Marketing, there are really only two options out there: hire a Marketer / designer in-house or outsource your marketing efforts. There are distinct differences between the two options, so let’s explore further.

In-House Marketing

We’ve all been there; at some point or another, each member of the dsgn network has been a part of, or was the marketing department for a business. Having someone in-house does have one distinct advantage over outsourcing your Marketing:

You’ve got a salaried employee sitting in your office, 8hrs a day, ready to go!

Hunt or Be Hunted

The top 20% of salespeople earn 80% of the money.  But, we need to remember that the top 20% of salespeople started out in the bottom 20% of the selling population.  Those at the top do the hunting, while those at the bottom are hunted.